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Boereboom stekcultures is a nursery which is specialised in the multiplication of ornamentels by cuttings. The whole production of a year are 6.000.000 cuttings, by orders. The assortment exists out of crubs and perennials: Camelia, Euonymus, Ilex ‘dark Green’, Hydrangea, Pieris, Photinia, Rhododendron, Skimmia en Viburnum are the best.

Different species are in deliberation most of the times possible. More cuttings in one cup, is last year grown to one of our specialties. We also make planting stock in trays on order. The starting material from the cuttings is delivered by our customers self.

The rest of the woodcuttings is purchased. Our special assortment is mainly found in :


• Camellia                            • Osmanthus

• Diosma                              • Pieris japonica

• Euonymus                         • Photinia

• Ilex                                     • Rhododendron

• Hydrangea                        • Skimmia

• Leucothoe                         • Viburnum



• Arundo                               • Liriope

• Carex                                 • Ophiopogon

• Dianthus                           • Trycirtis 

The greenhouse has an area of 8250 m2, 6500 m2 is equipped with floor heating. The remain 1750 m2 is used for the multiplication without floor heating and the wintering for the cuttings. The cuttings get their roots in self made tunnels, those tunnels are provided with a low pressure misting system. The climate is fully automatic directed and controlled. Diseases and pests are disputed by integrated combats. Our company was the first one which used lizards to fight against insect, we also have a snake in the greenhouse who fight against mouses. When the cuttings have roots they are immediately fertilized and in consultation with our customer mowed.

To hold the cuttings in their best way, we have a large refrigerator. The transport of rooted cuttings, form nursery to customer, it all happens with cc trolleys. There for we got a transporter. Our company has a high quality of list of priorities and it is certified.  

More cutting in one cup, special assortments and different wishes you could alwaysdiscuss with us.

We want to build a good relationship, with an eye on the future. We like to invite you to visit our nursery.



Boereboom Stekcultures
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Telefoon: 06-2124 6097
Boereboom Invitrocultures
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Telefoon: 06-2124 6097
Oirschotsedijk 11
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